The entire object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but to enjoy the right things; not merely industrious but to love industry; not merely learned, but to love knowledge; not merely pure, but to love purity; not merely just, but to strive for justice.

Rev. Dr. Symphorian Keeprath
Bishop of Diocese of Jalandhar

To realize this towering function of education, Sacred Heart Sen. Sec. School; which stands on the rung of the ladder of excellence today; came into being on 15th April 1982 under the precious patronage of His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Symphorian Keeprath, Bishop of Jalandhar, when he inaugurated Sacred Heart Boys School with a unique vision of moulding the young generation into intellectually
mature, morally upright and spiritually inspired citizens. His Excellency left for his heavenly abode on May 3, 2015. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Rev. Dr. Anil Jose Thomas
Bishop of Diocese of Jalandhar

His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Anil Jose Thomas Couto, the Bishop of Jalandhar,succeeded emeritus Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.Symphorian Keeprath on 16th April 2008 and remained the Bishop of Jalandhar Diocese till 4th August, 2013. Rt. Rev. Bishop’s keen interest,sagacious initiatives in developmental work and relentless efforts to achieve set goals together with his total commitment to his mission are qualities that make him a great educationalist and a living example to be followed.

Most Rev. Dr. Franco Mulakkal
Bishop of Diocese of Jalandhar
2013 - Present

His Excellency Most Rev. Bishop Dr. Franco Mulakkal, a man of invincible strength took charge of the responsibilities of the diocese on 4 August, 2013. He worked with matchless passion for the cause of education and brought about radical changes. His Excellency’s love, charity, compassion and diligence wrought many positive fruits for the Diocese in the region of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh states.

Most Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias
Apostolic Administrator of Diocese of Jalandhar
2018 - Present

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a good leader.” Currently the ship is being well steered by His Excellency Most Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias. Versatile, vibrant, an eminent educationist, and a man of deep knowledge he continues to work relentlessly to achieve the desired goals.


Owning and conducting a number of convent schools in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, the Diocese of Jalandhar, strives to provide quality education not only in cities but also in remote villages where right to education is denied to many. The Diocese endeavours in its own humble way to further the progress of our nation, which is possible only if all its citizens are educated and enlightened. To ensure an effective administration of the educational institutions of the Diocese of Jalandhar, ‘Diocesan Board of Education’ has been constituted. All the educational, managerial and administrative policies are made by this Board in consultation with the Directors and Principals of its various member institutions.


In its inceptive stage, the school made a sure and steady progress under the sublime leadership of its founder Principal Rev.Fr.Kurian Muttathupadam. Infact, Rev.Fr.Kurian’s exemplary leadership led the school into unexplored vistas. Starting as an educational institute for boys only, the school magnificently diversified into a co-educational institute in 1989.

Sacred Heart Sen. Sec. School since its inception also has the efficacious and unremitting services of the sisters of the Sacred Heart Congregation. The primary block of the school gained its spell bounding appearance under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Sr. Lylet , the first Sr. Principal of the school and Rev. Fr. Roby Kolenchery, the then Director of the school. The mission was further pursued by Rev. Fr. Charles D’Souza as the new Director.

With her farsighted vision and selfless devotion, Rev. Sr. Sobel took charge of the administration as the principal in the year 1989. Her consistent endeavours coupled with the innovative vision of Rev. Fr. Charles gave a splendid exterior to the K.G. Block & High School building equipped with excellent Science laboratories and library.

The school was further blessed with the experienced and valuable guidance of Rev. Fr. Mathew Nilappana who took up the challenging task of the Director brilliantly and laid the foundation stone of the Senior Secondary Wing offering Non-Medical, Medical and Commerce streams giving students an edge in the realm of technical and industrial education and preparing them for the cut throat competition of the professional world.

On 12th August 1997 Rev. Fr. Davis Alappat took over as the Director of our school. Owing to his tireless labour and sagacious management he made significant contribution in promoting the cause of education. Focusing on academic excellence he always encouraged students in their pursuit of knowledge. His successful tenure of 11 years has been yet another milestone achieved.

Rev. Sr. Sobel was succeeded by an energetic and farsighted personality, Rev. Sr. Christo. With a long list of qualifications of expertise, vast experience in diverse fields, Rev. Sr. Christo, a true visionary kindled the light of education in the hearts of many from 2011-2016. She believes, ‘Strong will power can move mountains: it can work miracles’ Her optimism, rational outlook and persistent efforts helped school reach great heights.

Rev. Fr. John Ediyakunnel, took charge of his responsibilities as director of the school on 7th July 2008. An extremely energetic, enthusiastic, diligent and dynamic personality, Rev. Fr. John helped the school to grow from strength to strength. It was under his able guidance and leadership that the ceremonial inauguration and dedication of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church was held on 3rd November, 2012 by His Excellency, Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio, Apostolic Nuncio and Vatican Ambassador to India. The new school auditorium project initiated by him also continues to gain its magnificent shape.

Great persons are those who have the ability to make others join in the venture to convert dreams into reality. Having the pursuit of perfection, Rev. Fr. John Mankuzhichalil assumed office as the director of the school on 5th Jan, 2014. His contribution to the mission and the cause has been immense. With his unceasing, untiring efforts and matchless commitment, he has brought about much needed infrastructural changes which have not only given a massive face lift to the school but also catered to the intellectual, emotional and social growth of students and staff. Picturesque surroundings, eye-catching vistas, renovations in the administrative and K.G. blocks, new building for VI-VII Std., library, language lab, technically sound AV Room and above all the breathtaking Auditorium all speak volumes about his dynamic charge ship.