Counselling Cell

Childhood and adolescence are the most joyful periods of life characterized by curiosity, creative energy and desire for self-discovery and exploration of the world. The development of various aspects of the personality, such as physical, emotional, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual well being, is a consequence of the complex interplay of the genetic and environmental factors. While strong cognitive abilities are necessary for academic success, there is growing evidence that mental health is a critical component of children’s learning and general health and children must also develop social–emotional competencies for them to succeed in school and ultimately in society. However, despite the availability of so many facilities, children are growing up in much more difficult circumstances and the psychological needs of children are not being fulfilled. The new generation faces the burden of competition, unrealistic parental aspirations, more powerful peer group pressures and immense emotional stress which have an adverse effect on academic, behavioural and socio-emotional outcomes, and may lead to a host of emotional and behavioural problems such as aggression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety, conduct, and eating disorders etc. Quite often support from the teachers and parents is enough to help the children adjust to the stressful situation and move on. Some children may, however, need the help of a professional counsellor or therapist. Consultation from a psychologist familiar with childhood behavioural and emotional development may assist in early identification and supportive interventions within the early education settings, thereby, improving long term outcomes. In view of the above, the school has set up a counselling cell that offers students a comprehensive program that is designed to cater to the mental and emotional well being of all the students. The school counsellor works in close collaboration with the students, teachers, parents, school administration and outside agencies to address the academic, social, behavioural and emotional needs of children within the school setting.

Services Offered by the Counselling Cell

The following services are provided by the School Psychologist to the students of all the classes ranging from Nursery to Class XII

Screening and management for

  • ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioural problems etc.

Individual or Group Counselling for

  • Behavioural Problems - Temper tantrums, hitting, defiant and stubborn behaviour, bedwetting, school avoidance, hyperactivity, lying, stealing, abusive language, difficulty in getting along with or making friends, feeding and sleep problems.
  • Academic problems - Lack of interest in studies, poor school performance, difficulty in concentration, poor memory, reading difficulties, examination stress and anxiety.
  • Emotional problems - Anxiety, depression, shyness, low self-esteem, vague aches and pains, stomach ache etc.
  • School related issues - Truancy, discrimination by the teacher, favouritism, corporal punishment, verbal abuse, bullying, and school refusal.
  • Adolescent difficulties - personal and social issues such as negative body image, substance abuse, depression, sexuality, low self-esteem, parent- adolescent conflict, peers pressures.

Career Counselling to

  • Assist students in gaining insight into their strengths and weakness in areas such as skills, abilities, interests, aptitude etc.
  • Provide information about avenues in different fields both within India and abroad.

Family Counselling for

  • Negotiating parent - adolescent conflict, marital conflict, sibling rivalry .

Educational Counselling to

  • Educate students about scientific study techniques, time management strategies and organizational skills.
  • Provide tips for enhancing memory and concentration.
  • Refer students with learning disabilities for remedial education and collaborating with paediatricians, neurologists and/or other health care providers for multimodal management of developmental problems.

Seminars for Students, Teachers and Parents

  • Orientation Programmes for Teachers to empower them with strategies based on psychological principles for effective teaching.
  • Parent Training and Parent Education Programmes for teaching behaviour management techniques and positive parenting skills.
  • Seminars for Students for life skills training, anger management skills, assertiveness training, sensitization about child rights and child abuse.