The new auditorium symbolizing, the Golden Jubilee Memorial of the Jalandhar Diocese, is a proud colossal structure of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana. It’s a delight to savour the beauty and the grandeur of this majestic building. Equipped with futuristic gadgets and technology, the ambience is all set to nurture and hone many a talent. The hushed crimsons and the cool creams of tasteful interiors are a treat to the eyes. The physical space is lavish, spacious, airy, and comfortable with a seating capacity of 1600, with marking lights around the floor of the hall. Acoustically designed, it addresses many aspects of building design and is tightly coordinated with architectural and technical theatre design. It includes careful sound isolation from nearby school space. Replete with the latest technology in light and projection system, there is a multi-scanner projection system mounted on the back wall of the stage for added effects. Multiple projector and screens in the seating area have been mounted to give the audience a better view of the proceedings of the stage. LED’s in green room and lobby area provide the visual of stage performance to people outside the auditorium. All-season air-conditioning system adds comfort and convenience to the viewing experience. The presence of a mezzanine floor adds a surreal quality to the whole ambience. Situated on the first floor, the auditorium can be accessed from all four sides by stairs and elevators. The place is highly functional, creatively flexible, easy to use and satisfying for the audience and its majestic portals magnify the artistic expressions of our students.


“A Platform of interface” – School Auditoriums both in Kindergarten and high school block provide a platform for the students to enhance their cultural, intellectual and creative skills. The upcoming auditorium equipped with state of the art audio-visual facilities and massive seating capacity will host events that will provide greater interactional opportunities to budding artists, orators, dancers and musicians to showcase their talent.