No Homework Policy

Our goal is to transform ‘how children learn, what they learn and who they learn from.’

The teachers engage the children to actively participate in lectures. The focus is on the quality class work which includes task-based sequences as it gives the learners the opportunity to interact and making time for speaking activities, i.e., by drilling and learning the given syllabus in the school itself. ‘Listen, repeat and transcribe’ in short sections is adopted which helps to focus on spontaneous interaction.

Techniques like recording of new-words, mind-maps, pictures, presentations through e-learning, helps the student to retain the information.

Assignment sheets and Practice sheets of different formats; covering all the concepts of the syllabus are preferred than just copying from the blackboard and rote learning; this retrieval practice helps the students to recall the information more effectively which they have already learnt. This pattern helps the student to become autonomous learners.

The students are made to write on practice sheets which helps in learning and revising in their own time, as learners have different ways and pace memorizing.

A detailed syllabus is given before each assessment to keep the parents updated. This also keeps the parents at ease if the child is absent from the school due to any reason.

The students are asked to revise classwork without pressurizing for Home work as revising class work fosters good study habits.