The school aims at giving the children refined education so as to equip them to be men and women of character and integrity and to develop competence in them, both in scholastic and co-scholastic fields, to enable them to successfully compete at national and international levels and to produce sound education, designed to train its pupils to live for God and country through their activities, be it moral, spiritual, intellectual, social or professional. The school achieves this by :

  • Helping the students to realize the presence of God within oneself and in others.
  • Instilling in them love for truth, justice and brotherhood.
  • Inculcating the spirit of team work and co-operation.
  • Providing our children a liberal and enlightened education of world standard.
  • Encouraging children to appreciate the values of hard work, determination and persistence, to foster habits of responsibility and the need for self-discipline and to promote initiative and endeavour.


Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education

Admission Criteria:

For Nursery
  1. Eligibility

    2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 months as on 1st April of the current year.
  2. Required Testimonial

    Attested Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
For Classes I – X
  1. Admission to classes I-X depends on the availability of a vacancy, after an entrance test in the following subjects:

    English,  Science,  Mathematics.
  2. Standard of Admission Test –
    Level of the annual examination of the class preceding to which admission is sought. Admission is purely on merit basis. The child will be accepted in suitable class at the discretion of the Principal
Certificates Required:
  1. TC from previous school.
  2. Report card of previous school
  3. Attested Photocopy of Birth Certificate
For Class XI
  1. Eligibility for Admission:
    A student should have the following grades for respective streams:
    • Non-Medical -- B1 Grade in Mathematics and Science in SA I
    • Medical -- B1 Grade in Science in SA I
    • Commerce -- B2 Grade in all Subjects in SA I
    • Humanities -- C1 Grade in all Subjects in SA I

Confirmation of Admission:

  1. Non-Medical:
    CGPA 8.5 and above and A2 Grade in Mathematics and Science in SA II without upgradation /EIOP
  2. Medical:
    CGPA 8.5 and above and A2 Grade in Science in SA II without upgradation /EIOP
  3. Commerce:
    CGPA 7.5 and above in SA II without upgradation /EIOP
  4. Humanities:
    CGPA 7 and above in SA II without upgradation /EIOP
The school authorities reserve the right to grant or refuse admission.

Promotion Scheme:

For Classes I-X

1. A candidate must obtain a minimum of Grade D in all the subjects under Scholastic areas as per scheme of Studies for promotion to next class.

For Class XII:
  • Regularity in attendance.
  • Regularity and quality of day to day participation in the class
  • Opinion of teachers teaching in the class.
  • Written work and projects assigned by the teachers.
  • Performance in the unit tests and terminal examination.

Courses of Study For Senior Secondry Classes

NON-MEDICALEnglish, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Optional
MEDICALEnglish, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Optional Subject
COMMERCE English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Optional Subject
HUMANITIES English, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Optional Subject
Optional Subject: (any one of the following)
Fine Arts, Biotechnology, Informatics Practices, Physical Education and Additional Maths
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